Validation Application Block

Published 11/29/2006 by Henry in EntLib

As I am a subscriber to the Patterns and Practices newsletter, it came to my attention that the Enterprise library will be extended with a new Application Block:
The Validation Application Block.

the first thing that sprung into mind was that the Enterprise Library is growing more and more to an adult stage in it's life, when the team has time to make a validation App Block, the rest of the Library must be performing pretty good!
Not that I think Validation isn't important, but I figure there are other aspects of Enterprise Development that need attention before you think about Validation.

Still I immediately see the pro's. I remember an interview with architects from a very technical company (robot steering), about 6 months ago. They boasted about the classes they made to make their apps connect to SQL Server as well as to Oracle. When I mentioned the Enterprise Library, where one of the first features was just that.
I mean, why invent the wheel, when there is the Enterprise Library?

The point I am trying to make is, "Guys there is going to be a Validation Application block in EntLib!".

The possibilities are, to define validation rules through .config XML files (configuration files), that can be edited etc. through the Enterprise library Configuration Console.
And you can do the defining of the validation rules in code, which ofcourse automatically provides encapsulation and the certainty the rules are not going to change unless there is a code change (or a new release).
In Tom Hollanders blog everything is revealed

Henry Cordes
My thoughts exactly...