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Version Tracker.NET (C#)


Welcome to the Development Tools page. This week I created Version Tracker.NET, a tool written with WPF that makes managing versions of projects in a C# Solution easier.
Two reasons for creating this application:

  1. Interested in WPF
  2. Getting tired of maintaining versioning inside of my C# solutions

Version Tracker.NET
Version Tracker.NET


You will need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to run Version Tracker.NET.

Quick download links

You can install it through ClickOnce installment or simply download the install.

Click to install Version Tracker.NET v 1.0 through ClickOnce deployment                           Click to download  Version Tracker.NET v 1.0 setup

Pick the ClickOnce deployment version if you always want the latest version, ClickOnce will tell you when a new version is available, pick the setup download if you do not need the latest version as soon as it is available and these features are all you need.

This version (v 1.0) is free for download, if you want the sourcecode drop me a line, you are free to use it, but you must mention me as the original author.


  • 2009-01-26 Version Tracker.NET v 1.0 released
    • Read a C# .sln (solution) file and show all projects and their version and fileversion in a list
    • Select one or more projects in the list and change the version and or fileversion's of the selected projects
    • Only C# solutions


My Thoughts exactly...
Henry Cordes