Published 10/12/2005 by hendaman

Your Four minutes of fame...
Yesterday I went to MIND, the (M)icrosoft (IN)ternal up(D)ate.
An event my employer sponsors every year to give an update about the alliance with Microsoft and talk about Microsoft related issues. Also this evening is used to network with fellow employees, enjoy a nice meal and it is possible to attend breakout sessions.
The following sessions could be attended yesterday:

  • Business Intelligence in combination with SQL-Server
  • .NET Development
  • Microsoft Business Solutions
  • Infrastructure and Security

    I attended the .NET Development session where Microsoft's Lex Oskamp (a speaker I always enjoy) showed us the Visual Studio Tools For Office. This was interesting.
    But what I really would like to share is a new initiative called This is a website where a community will be started along the lines of Channel9.
    Here is what they say themselves:

    "We want to show the real people behind the innovative IT-Solutions build with the .NET products. Bring fame to those who are normally behind the scenes. What keeps them awake at night? What are they proud off? Do they have a life besides IT? We know you are out there, so don’t be shy when we pay you a visit… "

    So they give developers a change to show off cool projects or stuff you do in your own time. I hope this will take off, so remember this and pay them a visit: The site and initiative is brand new, so give them the time to built their content. In the future everybody can join and offer their "sexy shit", to quote the speaker.

    Henry Cordes
    My thoughts exactly...

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