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Published 8/27/2006 by Henry in AJAX | ASP.NET AJAX

New release ATLAS Control Toolkit on
Version 1.0.60731.0 is the latest version.
The Control Toolkit is being upgraded with a few new controls and the already existing controls are 'bugfixed'.
The Reorder List had some known issues with postbacking when it was not expected, in this release the issue is fixed.

The new controls are:

  • DynamicPopulate: (Re-)populates any element with HTML content downloaded from the server.
  • FilteredTextBox: Prevents unwanted characters from being typed into a text box.
  • PagingBulletedList: Adds flexible paging and sorting to any bulleted list.
  • PasswordStrength: Provides interactive feedback about the strength of a password being created.
  • Rating: Displays a "4 out of 5 stars" interface for ranking.

    Also in the version before this one (1.0.60626.0) there where some new Controls introduced:

  • Accordion: Displays one pane at a time from a set of multiple panes.
  • NumericUpDown: Lets you attach flexible up/down "spinners" to any TextBox.
  • ResizableControl: Makes any control resizable.


    Automated testing
    What is new also is that in the 'Walkthrough' section a walkthrough for Automated testing is added.
    I am not sure what to expect, but I am interested and maybe I will add a story on this blog about the automated testing with ATLAS Controls.

    Henry Cordes
    My thoughts exactly...

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