My fellow-avanade dude Dennis pointed me out the following site:
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On this site there are lots links to of tutorials, walkthroughs of the ADO.NET Data Services (formerly "Astoria"). Astoria was a project from Microsoft's 'Data team'. A team that works on all data related stuff in and for the .NET Framework, like the Entity Framework. The ADO.NET Data Services is the name that is now used for project 'Astoria', after a few CTP's now the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions preview release contains the first production release. With these Extensions Microsofts paves the way for more 'in-between' releases. We do not always have to wait for a major .NEt Framework release that contains new functionality. The ASP.NET AJAX Framework had the premiere with this in-between release methodology. It was a success and with the .NET Framework 3.5 just released, ADO.NET Data services is here with some more goodies.
These services are a combination of patterns and libraries that enables any data store to be exposed as a data service, naturally integrating with the Web. Also these services can be consumed by Web clients. It is built making heavy use of the Entity Framework. 

I quote: "ADO.NET Data Services uses URIs to point to pieces of data and simple, well-known formats to repirst production release.resent that data, such as JSON and ATOM/APP. This results in data being exposed to Web clients as a REST-style resource collection, addressable with URIs that agents can interact with using standard HTTP verbs such as GET, POST, or DELETE."

I played with it and it was remarkebly easy to get data on the client using Javascript and because JSON is a supported format, it is easy to get these objects directly from the server tier. I think this could be a really helpfull if you want to create Client-centric AJAX Webapps. The use of formats like RSS, JSON and Atom is brilliant in simplicity. The ADO.NET Data Services are released in the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions preview release.

If you are interested in what it is all about, take a look here

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