CRM 4.0 Workflow Wait condition bug

Published 6/30/2008 by Henry in CRM

While testing a workflow in CRM 4.0 we encountered the following situation.
The workflow runs when a custom entity is assigned to a person.
In this workflow a wait condition waits until a particular task is completed (activitystatus is completed).
The workflow never stops waiting, even when the task is completed.

You can imagine this is really annoying, I did a support call at Microsoft and after checking some settings, they told us this was a known issue and the were working on the fix.
A few days later we got the fix (KB951919), it is not in the public list of all CRM 4.0 updates and hotfixes, but there is a fix if you need it, just contact MS.

Henry Cordes
My thoughts exactly

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11/18/2008 2:58:10 AM #

I'm having the same issue.  Did this hotfix correct the problem?  I'm hesitant to install the hotfix, as I it hasn't been fully tested by Microsoft.

11/18/2008 4:31:44 AM #

It sure did. I know for a fact that MS did really give it a long testrun, because I had to wait untill they were ready.
I can not speak for Microsoft, but it did fix the problem for us.

11/18/2008 3:26:44 PM #

Thanks a lot Henry.  I really appreciate your help.


Gregory Smith

Harry | Reply

2/17/2009 8:37:44 AM #

I have the same problem too! Where can i get this hotfix?

2/18/2009 11:10:51 PM #

Hi Harry,

Just the fix can be obtained through this page:

And in Rollup 2 the fix is included also:

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